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Dear Citizens of Austell,


I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my vision and aspirations as a candidate for the position of Mayor for our wonderful city. My campaign is centered around five key principles: transparency, accountability, strategic development, safety, and education.


Transparency is the foundation of a strong and thriving community. As your Mayor, I believe in open and honest communication. I will ensure that all decisions made by the city government are made in a transparent manner, with full accountability to the citizens. No longer will there be any room for backroom deals or hidden agendas. Every decision, big or small, will be made with the utmost transparency, ensuring everyone in our city has a voice.


Accountability is the key to maintaining the trust of our community. As your Mayor, I will hold myself and all members of the city government accountable for their actions. We will implement robust systems to measure performance, track progress, and ensure that our actions align with the needs and aspirations of our citizens. Through transparent reporting and regular updates, you will have full visibility into the workings of our city and the progress we are making toward our shared goals.


Strategic development is essential for the long-term sustainability and prosperity of our city. We live in a rapidly changing world, and it is vital that we plan for the future in a thoughtful and strategic manner. As your Mayor, I will work tirelessly to foster an environment that encourages innovation, attracts new businesses, and supports the growth and development of our existing local businesses. I believe in creating opportunities for our citizens by investing in education, job training, and infrastructure. Together, we will build a city ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


Even more importantly, though, as a parent, I believe in Good SCHOOLS and excellent EDUCATION for our kids. I will work with our schools and the Cobb County School Board to ensure that our schools are strongly supported and continue to improve.


Finally, the citizens of Austell should be kept SAFE, and as your Mayor, I will work CLOSELY with the police and fire departments to ensure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.


With your support, we can build a community that we are proud to call home. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming election as we embark on this exciting journey towards a brighter future for our city. Thank you for your time and consideration.



 Chris Djonis

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