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Dear Neighbors,


My name is Chris Djonis and I would like to serve as your next mayor.  You may recognize my name from the last mayor’s election, in which I came within 80 votes of unseating the entrenched incumbent. This time, I hope to win - starting with your vote!


Simply put, I believe that a government “for the people” must be transparent, honest, and put the interests of the community as a whole above those of big-money special interests. My city government will nurture progress and prosperity that benefits all of us, while protecting our small-town character, making Austell an even better place to live.  I believe I have the integrity, energy and vision needed to tackle the challenges we face together.


★ Keeping our community safe should always be our number one priority. As your mayor, I will work closely with our police and fire departments to determine their needs and make sure they have all the necessary resources to optimally perform their jobs.


★ As your mayor,  I view the education of our children as critical to the future and well-being of our community and nation. To that end, I will work in partnership with the Cobb County School Board to ensure that the needs of our schools are strongly represented and supported.


★ Real progress requires careful and thoughtful planning. As your mayor, together with community input, we will develop a comprehensive growth plan - a roadmap for Austell’s future growth.  I will re-establish the Downtown Development Authority. All of this will be done in a way that always ensures and encourages input from everyone in the community. Progress should benefit everyone.


★ I believe in full transparency - that in a democracy, government deals should not be made behind-closed-doors.  I believe that you have a right to know the truth about and a say in how your tax dollars are spent. The under-the-table, behind-closed-doors, favors-to-special-interests deals of past administrations must stop, now!  In my opinion, deals of the recent past are gradually transforming Austell into an industrial complex rather than the live-in community we call “home.”  


It is time to steer our city government in a different direction - one that nurtures Austell’s small-town character, while creating a more vibrant downtown, with a well-planned mix of businesses, shops, and restaurants, as well as even more residential development. We can accomplish economic growth, improvement of services, and community beautification, while NOT RAISING PROPERTY TAXES! 


Together, we can accomplish so much for our wonderful city. As your mayor, I will always recognize that my duty is to serve you and strive to make Austell a better place to live!  To do this, I NEED YOUR VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5TH.  


Thank you,

Chris Djonis

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