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While I agree that business relationships with our city are vital, as a mayor, I will try to encourage MORE residential and commercial growth and LESS industrial development. A project like the sale of 54 acres of city property to Taylor & Mathis of Atlanta on Garret Parkway should have been brought to the community’s attention with a full explanation of future consequences, before the Mayor’s Pro-Tem and the council’s decision to approve it. Another 54-acre industrial development between downtown and the historic Treadmill Complex providing additional “trucking transportation services” to Norfolk Southern Railway terminal may not have been the best move for Austell. Have the council members or the Mayor Pro-Tem thought of the additional 18-wheeler traffic this facility would be generating, the additional stress on our streets and people, or our projected image to future residential and commercial developers? How about the effect on people’s home values since year after year Austell is losing its small-town character and slowly turns into an industrial complex!


As residents of Austell, many of us are tired of train-horns especially late at NIGHT. The horns are excessive, intrusive and they are a health issue, not to mention they devalue properties in the immediate area (who wants to buy their dream house near a train track listening to a train horn all hours of the night). Indeed, train horns are so loud they can be heard miles away. No one in Austell is immune from that, especially those living near and around downtown.

Still, while many of us by now are conditioned to accept that there is no solution to this problem, it is important to know that many small cities in Cobb county have already found and implemented solutions, not just to help their citizens have a good night’s sleep, but also to help revitalize their cities and improve quality of life by reducing “noise pollution.”

I believe in full transparency - that in a democracy, government deals should not be made behind-closed-doors.  I believe that you have a right to know the truth about and a say in how your tax dollars are spent. The under-the-table, behind-closed-doors, favors-to-special-interests deals of past administrations must stop, now!  In my opinion, deals of the recent past are gradually transforming Austell into an industrial complex rather than the live-in community we call “home.”






When I drive home and see so much litter on the roadside, I cannot help but contemplate the word “trashy.” Many people use that word for folks who seem to lack basic decency. That word can be applied in truly hurtful ways that really aren’t fair. I don’t really care for such simple summaries of others. But there’s no denying that the world is full of trashy acts and trashy attitudes. And when it comes to people who throw their trash out the window, how can they argue with someone who uses the word “trashy?” They cannot come back with anything, because the evidence of their action lays on the roadside. If your house is trashy, that’s your business not mine. If the inside of your car looks like a pig pen, then OK. But some people don’t draw a distinction between private and public space.

People recognize that throwing their debris out the window is a crime that can land them a hefty fine. But the odds of getting caught are pretty slim. And generally, no one will see or know. Given the anonymity they enjoy, people feel free to do as they please. If a crowd watched, they wouldn’t toss the Burger King bag. They certainly wouldn’t do it in front of a cop. But if getting caught is the only thing keeping you from doing wrong, then you are lacking something inside.


Please share this message and report litters

Let's Keep Austell Clean!!!!


I will try to encourage more residential and commercial growth and LESS industrial development. I believe the key to achieving that lays with our downtown itself. A more vibrant downtown, mixed with businesses, shops, restaurants, even more residential homes, is what will ultimately attract more residential development and commercial growth in the immediate area. Rather than selling Austell piece by piece to the next Taylor & Mathis who comes along, or raising taxes, redeveloping our downtown on a large scale is what will attract more businesses and residential development which is what we desperately need. The taxes generated from a redeveloped downtown, and the rest of the development a renewed downtown will attract, is how Austell will successfully raise its revenues (not taxation or by selling its assets). To achieve that, we will consult with other small towns like Woodstock, Acworth and others, as well as the developers who helped those communities succeed. We must then create our own redevelopment concept, one that will best work for Austell and present it to the community for approval.

I truly believe we can accomplish this, and so much more, for as long we elect city officials who support transparency and always remember that they are in office to serve the public, not special interests. As your new mayor I intent to do just that.


Our city code enforcement in our city has been an issue for many years now.

We must strengthen our code enforcement department and we must work alongside Cobb County code enforcement as well, to maintain property's outside the city limits.

Many residents have complained that violations have been turned in with no action taken.  Code enforcement officer's should address all problems in the community and not wait for a resident to file a formal complaint. I will work with council members and code enforcement officers to make sure our homes continue to maintain their values and violations are corrected in a timely manner. Our homes are our biggest asset and we should strive to increase our property values. It will take time but as a community working together (residents and business)  we can accomplish a lot.

Services for Low income families
For those not aware, there are available programs to help low income families qualify for a new home. 
Active Adult Communities
Offering seniors safe, affordable housing, senior apartments may boast a myriad of amenities that make life easy and convenient, much like many of today’s master-planned communities.


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Austell Police

Foster a safe and secure community, dedicated to the well-being and satisfaction of our residents.

Flood Maps

Preparing for flooding in a small city can help mitigate damage and ensure the safety of the community. Here are some steps to consider:


Cureton Woods / Autumn Brook

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